Want a better Marriage

Despite Marriage being difficult and a high divorce rate, people crave loving marriages that are life-giving and enriching. In the intimacy of healthy marriages each spouse learns the skills to promote sharing of feelings and fears, to listen deeply, to respect the differences of the other. In an Intentional Marriage each spouse seeks to empower and encourage the other.

One of the unintended consequence of Divorce is that younger generations are waiting longer and longer to get married. Unfortunately, this is based on a myth. Marriage is a skill based relationship and wanting until you are older does not improve your marital  skills. An Intentional Marriage seeks to address many of the problems that plaque today’s marriages by teaching couples the skills to obtain a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Intentional Marriages stand apart from other marriages in that it is characterized by seven goals:

  1. It enhances the life of both partners.
  2. It provides safety and security for each person.
  3. It models God’s love and grace as the partners express these toward each other.
  4. It is loving and life-giving.
  5. The partners work to empower and encourage each other.
  6. It exercises self-control.
  7. It expresses the power of the Spirit

First Couples take a leading relationship inventory custom tailored for their relationship. The Assessment is an online survey that you take with your partner to help you identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of your premarital or married relationship  communication, conflict resolution, roles, financial concerns, leisure time, sexual relationship, parenting, family and friends, and religion.

Secondly, couples participate in several feedback sessions with a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and are provided with a customized list of exercises to build their relationship skills.