Sexually Appropriate Family Education – S.A.F.E.

The SAFE program is a structured program for clients who have been effected by someone inappropriate sexual behavior at some point in their lives and wishes to learn a more healthier sense of human sexuality. The emphasis is on accountability, education, restorative justice, and responsibility. Change takes place within a flexible four-level treatment paradigm. S.A.F.E. is designed to ensure each client return’s to healthy sexuality. Each client is assigned an individual counselor from Intentional Family to ensure regular feedback and consultation. Treatment compliance and attendance in group, family and individual therapy sessions is the path to developing a healthy sexuality. We believe that everyone needs to feel S.A.F.E.

The S.A.F.E. program is for individuals or Couples who lack sexual boundaries, and wish to express a healthier sexuality. The S.A.F.E. program can be taught in either a group format or it can be tailored to assist couples or individuals striving for a healthy intimacy or for singles needing a safe place to learn about healthy sexuality.