Individual, Group, Couples, and Family Counseling

The Intentional Family wellness center offers Individual, Couples, Group and Family Counseling with the goal of building and sustaining healthy individuals, families, and communities. We strive to accomplish these goals through education and the most effective treatments used today that include the mind, the body and the spirit. These models include cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. For clients seeking total body healing, Sue Johnson brings her skills as a Quantum-Touch practitioner ( All clients are treated with respect and given as many opportunities as necessary to accomplish their goals. Assessments and treatment plans are developed for every patient. Plans are updated according to contract specifications. Regular communication is sustained with the referral source in the interest of best practices and for the integrity of the patient’s treatment. Sessions are held in a variety of ways: with individual only; with couples; with patient including the family, with patient excluding the family, and with family excluding the patient. Treatment plans are adjusted accordingly. Clients are given every opportunity to provide input for their treatment plan and are encouraged to do so.