Endless Possibilities 

Life is about exploring the possibilities – the possibility of creating a healthy family, a successful business, a marriage or partnership that grows and flourishes. Led by Sue and Randy Johnson, the therapists at Intentional Family are experts at helping individuals and their families achieve their goals. All clients are active participants in developing their unique, individualized, treatment plan. Intentional Family is about providing support. education and guidance.                                                                                  

Solution Focused

Intentional Family Wellness Center is an out patient mental health facility, providing what is typically short-term assistance for a variety of mental health issues including, but not limited to: substance abuse and addictions; couples and family issues; anxiety and depression; sexual trauma; PTSD; child and adolescent problems; domestic violence and more.


Addictions Family Group – Breaking free from the traditional model of dividing meetings for recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and family members, the AFG is all-inclusive. Multiple families come together to share their experiences and learn how to tackle the challenges of recovery together.

Dialectical Behavior Group – For individuals seeking a multo-faceted approach to healthy living that focuses on the development of effective coping and living skills. The DBT group is appropriate for those in recovery from a variety of mental health issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and others.