A Glimpse at High-Functioning Depression… Amanda’s Story

College student Amanda Leventhal carries a full load every semester, has a good job and is popular among her peers. She’s one of those kind of people we all know—an overachiever who seems to succeed in everything she does. Seems to.  Even those closest to Leventhal have no have idea that she’s suffering.  While everything looks bright on the outside, the darkness that Leventhal meets in private every day is often too much to bear. On top of the dysthymia that she experiences each and every day, the top-notch employee and student experiences episodes of severe depression. The pressure of maintaining the success she’s worked so hard to achieve becomes overwhelming.  This is common among those with this type of Mood Disorder.

Amanda suffers from Chronic depression, also known as dysthymia, which can cause decreased or increased appetite, decreased or increased sleep, fatigue and low energy, lack of productivity, feelings of hopelessness, and low self-esteem.

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