Welcome to Our Center


Our History

Intentional Family is a full service outpatient counseling center, first incorporated in 2007 as a traditional fee for service counseling center. In 2011 we started to offer Educational classes, in 2014 Intentional Family  added three additional lines of business Substance Abuse Treatment program, Domestic Violence Treatment program and a new approach to improving marriages.

Mission Statement
Our Mission at the Intentional Family is to provide the highest quality professional services to our clients, our referral sources, and to the community. Our vision is that every individual, couple, family and community group will have access to quality “best practices” mental health education, counseling, and holistic therapeutic services.

Who We Are
Intentional Family is a professional marriage and family therapy organization. Our principle members are licensed marriage and family therapists or LMFT’s. We are licensed to perform a variety of mental health practices in the state of Utah. We follow best practices and are members of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and adhere to the code of ethics of that national association, as well as The Department of Social Services Regulations and Utah State Law. We also follow the federal and state regulations as they relate to ethical behaviors and confidentiality.